My name is Mikayla Petersen, and I am a 42 year old, from Perth, Western Australia

With my partner, Joel, I love to travel. I am a late bloomer in the global wandering world, having not been bitten by the travel bug in my youth, as my younger days were focused on building a family. Anyhow, with time my interest has divested from money to life, and over the last 10 years or so, I have progressed through life with one eye on exotic, far off places.

We have had a couple of bouts of extended travel over the last handful of years, although my intention is to change this from extended travel to continuous travel, over the next year or two. I love Asian countries, and living in Australia there are hundreds of destinations in South East and Central Asia accessible for very low outlays. I dream that my continuous travel will start with a $100 flight, and have very limited flights then on.

For a couple of years I have built and run a website, with the intention of helping non-backpackers travel independently in South East Asia. The concept is to outline a 2-3 week itinerary that the average, middle aged person, with a desire to be slightly adventurous, can use and run with. The hope is that people who may have ordinarily spent two weeks in a resort, will get out and see a bit of the country they are visiting, without having to join an organised tour.

That brings me to why I am building this Blog. Two reasons.

Firstly, there are millions of websites serving backpackers who are in their 20′s, and millions of websites serving  (selling) package holidays to 40 year olds, but not much serving the niche of older people who wish to travel independently, reasonably cheaply, and long term. This group cannot be considered old backpackers, as our needs are considerably different. We may overlap with the younger ones sometimes, like transport options, but probably won’t in others, like nightclubbing. So we are a “niche”.

Secondly, I wanted a forum to talk about what the things we are doing. I wanted to develop a more interactive site than a static website, and I want to talk about our days on the road. These will be a combination of a personal journey and travelogue, as well as trying to tying it in with our own age-specific requirements and limitations. I want to put my photos up, and share stuff with people!

We will see how things develop. I welcome interaction, as well as ideas from anyone who wants to.